A project within the Energy domain aims to provide insight, advice, and recommendations to external parties regarding their energy usage, based on energy analyses and/or energy monitoring. The Energy team focuses on developing innovative tools and techniques related to E-mobility and renewable energy.

Current projects


Collaboration between CORE and Scoptvision, a startup with promising prospects in the market of residential energy management systems.

3 steps to a heat pump

Web tool aimed at persuading people to invest in heat pumps.

Energy guide

Energy guide to more sustainable heating

Past projects

PV & EV model

Simulation model to simulate a shared solar panel installation and the use of electric cars in an apartment building.

Chatbot horeca

Development of a chatbot and recommendations for energy savings in the hospitality industry.

Energy Positive Districts

Investigating the potential of sustainable energy sources in energy-positive neighborhoods.

Energy consumption analysis in Mechelen

Energy consumption analysis of inhabitants from Mechelen using data of EnergieID

Energy monitoring Esdoornplein

Determining the impact of retrofits

Potentieelstudie Redingensite

Feasibility study of aquathermy at the Redingen site


Efficiency study of the ThermoGenius™ heat exchanger.

DUSS Toolbox

Analyzing and documenting tools used at the company DUSS

Samsø in Eeklø

Economic and technical feasibility study for the construction of a heat network in Eeklo


Investigation into the heat capacity from river water.


Energy and mass balance drawn up for optimisation of the processes within Craywinckelhof brewery


Drawing up an energy and water balance at small and medium-sized breweries. Based on this analysis, we proposed optimizations. Special attention was paid to heat recovery of the wastewater water treatment plant.


Measuring, analyzing and reducing energy consumption in Leuven's businesses using smart meters

Energy monitoring in student dorms

Awareness-raising campaigns for student homes and research into campaigns with the biggest impact on energy consumption


Research into a sustainable, electric city vehicle

Fleet Scan

Examining the fleet of cars of companies


Sustainable housing models for students

DC networks

Research into the possibilities for direct current grids in the future

Hooge Maey

Optimization of anaerobic water treatment with focus on energy consumption

Energy Audit Masureel

Energy audit according to the ESCO model


Giving schools a way to renovate in a financially viable way

Sustainable bike lights

Search for sustainable bicycle lights for students


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