2016 - 2017


In 2016-2017, CORE carried out an energy study for Craywinckelhof, a courtyard farm with a brewery and distillery in Lubbeek. The beer "Kraaike" is brewed there regularly. Craywinckelhof wants to brew and distil this beer more frequently in the future. This will make the brewery's energy management more important. For this reason, CORE conducted an energy study for the brewery in 2016.

The objective of the project was to save energy during the brewing process. To achieve this, CORE looked at how to produce the heat more efficiently. We were also looking for methods to make useful use of residual heat. This was done by mapping the mass and energy balances during the process and monitoring water, gas and electricity consumption.

The big advantage of this microbrewery is that there is monitoring of almost all processes. This gives us a clear notion of the different energy flows. This was therefore the first step of this project. The logical next step was a batch-to-batch analysis and a global analysis. After mapping out the different heat flows in this way, a trade-off was made between the different methods of heat recovery. In this way we came to an energetically more efficient process tailored to the brewery!

Craywinckelhof is part of a series of energy studies at breweries. CORE already carried out energy studies in breweries Bosteels and Huyghe. You can read more about these studies here .


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