2014 - 2015

Brouwerij Huyghe, Brouwerij Bosteels

Thanks to the subsidy from the Flemish Water Knowledge Center (VLAKWA), CORE was able to start the DuWaHe² project at the end of 2014. Partners in this project were Pantarein and VITO. As part of the project, CORE investigated the energy management of breweries Bosteels and Huyghe. Partner Pantarein researched how the water purification of the brewery could be more energy efficient. To this end, they reconsidered the control and aeration of the process.

CORE focused on heat recovery within breweries. At the beginning of 2015, we started a study at Bosteels. The biological tank of the water treatment plant there systematically reached too high temperatures. As a result, the water could not be purified efficiently, and it was necessary to discharge some of the water directly. The result was an environmental tax. Another problem was the large amount of heat that was released during the brewing process. The assignment from the company was therefore to investigate how the residual heat could be recovered.

At the end of 2015, the Huyghe brewery's energy management report was completed. The focus there was mainly on the heating of the building. Two solutions took precedence: the insulation of the building envelope and the use of a heat pump. The heat pump would use residual heat that would otherwise be lost.

The knowledge of CORE and its partner Pantarein was complemented by that of the research center VITO. Together we developed a methodology to map out heat balances faster and more accurately. Research was also carried out into a more efficient way of designing a heat recovery system.

These studies make CORE cvba-so a reliable partner with knowledge and experience of heat demand in breweries.

The following year, CORE carried out a similar study for the Craywinckelhof brewery. You can read more about that project here .


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