Hooge Maey

Pantarein,  intercommunale Hooge Maey

Hooge Maey was an inter-municipal partnership with the objective to sustainably exploit and remediate the old landfill site on the 'Hooge Maey' site.

CORE carried out a study in 2014 in collaboration with partner Pantarein. By focusing on the processing of waste, it soon became clear that energy plays an important role in the decomposition of complex wastewater. That is why CORE collaborated with Pantarein to provide an optimized water treatment in Hooge Maey. The focus was mainly on reducing energy consumption.

In a first phase at Pantarein a pilot plant was made of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant that processes chemical wastewater using a membrane system. This test installation was then examined and optimized. The necessary adjustments were worked out and in November 2014 the completed anaerobic plant was installed on the Hooge Maey site.

CORE's participation in the project was not just to participate in the installation on a technical level. In addition to setting up the installation, CORE has written a manual so that the installation can be implemented by interested parties.


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