Vrije basisschool Terbank – Egenhoven

Pajopower wants to attract parents of students to become partners and invest in adaptations to the school building. As a result, the school uses less energy and the profit that this yields on the energy bill is then paid out to the partners.

Within the framework of Pajopower, CORE carried out an energy audit for free elementary school Terbank Egenhoven. The energy consumption was analyzed, and the renovation possibilities were investigated. This revealed that a whole range of adjustments were possible and necessary, especially to increase the comfort of the pupils. However, these adjustments, such as triple glazing and insulation, had a longer payback period than expected. Therefore, we looked at which small, cheaper interventions are realistic to carry out in the short term. A next step in this project was therefore to optimize the ventilation and heating in the school. In addition, CORE stepped into an interesting awareness-raising project in which students from various schools learned what sustainable energy use is and how renewable energy works.


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