Educational Packages

With Educational Packages, CORE tries to inspire and inform young people, teachers, students and the elderly in an accessible way about the rational use of energy and materials. On the one hand, the educational packages focus on raising awareness of the interests of energy and its impact on the environment and our health. On the other hand, the focus is on a first introduction to the circular economy through workshops on 3D printing and circular design. Interactive and experiential learning are always central to us. Come along on the sustainable adventure with us and book one of our workshops through our services!

Current projects

Blue Heat

Interactive workshop on the concept of aquathermal energy (requiring heat from rivers and lakes).

Energy bikes

Interactive workshop on the energy transition to achieve the 2050 climate goals.

Escape room

Educational package to teach children aged 10 to 13 about energy

Past projects


Making young people aware of their energy use and how to improve i

Sensi Klimaan

Providing insight in energy use


Awareness-raising project for young people around energy issues


Awareness that goes beyond the sustainability of tap water alone

Energy week

Raising awareness in Leuven schools

Interactive course on sustainable living

We save energy in Leuven schools through technical and awareness-raising measures

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Course

Interactive course on sustainable living


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