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SMERGY stands for Smart Energy: smart use of energy. It is a European awareness-raising campaign aimed at encouraging young people aged 18 to 30 to use energy smarter and more efficiently. The campaign supports the policy measures related to the EU's 2020 objectives and runs in seven different countries: Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium. CORE was responsible for the campaign in Flanders.

Awareness-raising is done via online media and offline competitions, events, leagues, etc. In March 2016, there was a major energy-saving competition: the Smart Energy Days.

Presence at events is literally an active form of awareness raising. After all, the SMERGY bike requires a serious physical effort. At the end of the race, participants will find out which devices they can power. It turns out that toasting a sandwich or ironing a T-shirt takes a lot of energy!

Energy Bikes

Although the European SMERGY campaign has now ended, the story doesn't stop here. CORE still uses the SMERGY bikes regularly at awareness-raising actions and events. The bikes are an excellent way for young and old to realize that generating energy takes more effort than people think.


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