Sustainable Entrepreneurship Course

2014 - 2019
Educational Packages
KU Leuven, Koffiebar Noir

Raising awareness among fellow students about the meaning of cooperative entrepreneurship and the importance of sustainable energy use is an important objective for CORE. It is therefore included in our statutes in the form of the social purpose.

Between 2014 and 2019, CORE and KU Leuven organized the course ‘ Sustainable Entrepreneurship, a course that students within the 'Postgraduate in Innovative Entrepreneurship for Engineers' could take as an elective subject. The course was also open to other interested parties, with whom they could earn credits. The courses were given in coffee bar Noir, which creates a unique and open atmosphere. Participants could discuss and gain new insights in a friendly atmosphere.

The first semester served as a source of inspiration. Numerous entrepreneurs came to explain their view on sustainability. Sessions included Ecopower, Colruyt group Eoly, BUUR, Triodos Bank, Content and DMOA. Each of them slightly different colored the sustainable aspect of their company.

During the second semester, students were given time to work out a business plan of their own sustainable idea. This was guided by sessions in which the students learned how to pitch and draw up a business model canvas. At the end of these sessions, they explained the plan to a jury.

The interest in the course on sustainable entrepreneurship was great every year. In the academic year 2018-2019 more than 40 students were enrolled.

Since 2019, the course is no longer offered. Part of the course will be placed under the new course 'Starterskit for sustainable entrepreneurs'.


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