Educatieve Pakketten

At the end of October, Klimakkers organized a bootcamp for young people between 17 and 28 years old. Under the motto 'together young and energetic' some 20 young people gathered together to think about the energy problem in all its facets. During the four-day bootcamp the youngsters developed a business plan for various challenges concerning food waste, social inclusion and public space with the central theme of energy.

The organization asked us to be a partner. The link with Klimakkers is that we are an example of young people doing business in sustainability and energy. We played a role in two phases of the bootcamp. In the preliminary phase we provided the basic knowledge about energy in a webinar. In this way, the participants in the bootcamp gained accessible knowledge about the concept of energy, the different forms of energy production and what sustainable practices there are.

On the second day of the bootcamp, some CORE-members were invited as experts. After a short introduction of CORE to the participants, they assisted them in developing a project idea around a certain challenge. The CORE-members provided the necessary expertise and took a critical look at the first developed ideas.

Thank you to Hannes Van Gansen for this opportunity!


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