2013 - 2016
Educational Packages

The KNRWTR project was started in 2013 and had the initial intention to get as many students as possible to drink tap water. An awareness campaign was launched to inform students about the benefits of tap water.

In 2014, the awareness campaign on tap water was extended to our partners. Our partners and partners were able to order KRNWTR carafes with a personalized cork cap bearing the CORE logo. This allowed them to offer tap water to their employees in a stylish way, thereby raising awareness about drinking healthy and sustainable tap water.

A first successful implementation was the sale of carafes to the employees of the STUK arts center, in which CORE also had its office. The carafes were also introduced at other partners. In this way, the partners clearly indicated that they follow CORE's philosophy and wanted to involve their employees and visitors in their choice for sustainable tap water. With the KRNWTR project, CORE wanted to make people aware of the impact of plastic bottles on the environment. KRNWTR is not only much cheaper and more sustainable, it is also healthy!

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