Energy Week

2019 - 2020
Educational Packages
Stad Leuven

The fact that schools are concerned about the climate has become clear by now. Many primary and secondary schools in Leuven are actively involved with the climate. Schools are already making efforts or have the intention to take more care of the climate through both technical and awareness-raising measures. To help them do this, the project “Leuven's climate gang” was launched with the support of the city of Leuven.

CORE installed energy meters in several schools to monitor electricity, water and gas consumption. On the basis of these energy data, CORE mapped the energetic situation of the schools and gave advice with concrete energy saving measures. The management received an extensive report on the energy consumption in the school and which investments are appropriate to reduce the impact of the school.

In addition to this technical part, the Climate Gang of Leuven also included an educational part. For example, we organized energy weeks at six schools for different classes. Several BUSO classes were also included in this challenge.

Our team members left their familiar place and went to the classroom themselves. With an elaborate educational package (including our escape room and energy bikes) the students became familiar with the concept of energy and why we should use it sustainably. With success! During this period, Leuven gained 193 energy heroes!


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