Energy Positive Districts

Internal project

 Last year, COREnauts Jan and Sebastian decided to further exploit their knowledge of aquathermy within their start-up EXTRAQT. To stay out of each other's way, we chose to take a new tack within Blue Heat and decided to focus on projects around Energy Positive Districts. In an Energy Positive District, the potential of renewable energy sources is greater than the demand, allowing this surplus to be put to good use in the area.

The big goal of this year was to lay a foundation on which to build in the following years. Initially, we worked internally on a fictitious project to gain knowledge and be able to present something to potential customers. This fictitious project includes a study based on plans for the new Redingensite, for which CORE has also already studied the potential for heating with aquathermy. The aim is to investigate whether and how this site could be made energy-positive and where the surplus energy could be put to good use. We have documented the method for this in detail so that next year's team can use this knowledge.

In addition, the first steps have also been taken to carry out a project on Energy Positive Districts for/with potential partners or customers. To be continued...


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