Blauwe Warmte
Indurio, Elringklinger

Systems that upgrade heat using electricity locally avoid the use of fossil fuels, thus offering a sustainable alternative to conventional heating techniques. An example of a sustainable system is a heat pump, a device that converts low-grade heat into high-grade heat via a thermodynamic cycle. The low-grade heat can originate from various sources, such as soil, air and surface water. This low-grade heat is extracted from the source using a heat exchanger.

Extracting heat from surface water is a relatively new concept in Belgium in which CORE plays an active role. There are still many uncertainties, such as the influence of deposition of dirt on a heat exchanger in surface water, that need to be studied.

CORE visited a heat exchanger (ThermoGenius™) located in the Baltic Sea in Germany. At the request of Indurio, CORE carried out an efficiency study of the heat exchanger to investigate the influence of dirt deposits and biofouling as a function of time.

More information about the heat exchanger can be found here .


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