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Within this project CORE will provide the complex "The Dijlemolens" with heat by means of heat capture from the Dijle. This complex consists of about 40 apartment units and some non-residential spaces (offices, store, restaurant...). The installation would make use of the closed-loop system. For this purpose, a heat exchanger will be placed in the Dijle, as well as an installation to protect the heat exchanger against dirt coming from the river. A heat pump will convert low-grade heat from the river into high-grade heat.

The Dijlemolens is a complex located on the Zwartzustersstraat, in the center of Leuven, near the Groot Begijnhof. De Dijlemolens was originally an industrial mill. The mill worked until 1979 and was renovated into an apartment building in 1985. Today this building houses about 40 apartments, a catering business, a (bio)store, office space...

The "Dijlemolens" has always been concerned with energy in an innovative way. In the past, a heat pump and water turbine were already installed. For the sake of the system's cost-effectiveness, a switch was made back to the traditional gas boiler.

Our project consists of constructing a heat exchanger in the Dijle near the Dijlemolens (1). In a later phase of the project another water wheel or water turbine can be placed in the Dijle First Arm (2).

With this project, CORE contributes to accelerating the energy transition in Leuven. The project serves as a pilot project. In Belgium, this technique, using surface water as a source, is barely used for the time being. The pilot project can serve as an example for other buildings/sites in the city, but also for other cities through which a waterway runs. Initial simulations show that 20% of the residential heat demand in Leuven can be covered by the limited use of the heat capacity of the Dijle. All the knowledge gained during the elaboration of this project serves to support future similar projects and to guarantee a maximum chance of success.

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