Still have questions? We've compiled the most common ones below. If your question isn't listed, don't hesitate to contact us at rekrutering@thinkcore.be.

How does a week at CORE look? 

We operate under the assumption that everyone works for CORE from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, either at our office or remotely. Of course, if you have classes or workshops, you attend those as scheduled. Occasionally, we may have a CORE event in the evening, or you might need to work beyond regular hours due to a deadline. If you have exams or a deadline for a course, studying during work hours is allowed. Naturally, a student following the two-year trajectory is expected to invest less time than a student completing the 44 credits in one year.

I still have a year of studies left. Can I combine CORE with my final year? 

Yes, you can combine the postgraduate program with your final master's year and spread them both over two years. Another option is to pursue the postgraduate program after completing your master's degree. 

How long do projects at CORE last?

The duration of projects at CORE varies depending on the project itself. Some projects may last only a few months, while others can extend over a whole year or even longer. In the latter case, the team from the previous year ensures a smooth handover.

Do we need to write a report for each project, similar to a thesis?

Fortunately, there is no requirement for a report similar to a bachelor's thesis. Everything depends on the client's specific request. If the client desires a comprehensive report, we will provide that. However, in most cases, clients are primarily interested in the results, and an extensive report is not necessary. Nevertheless, it is essential to document our work so that teams in subsequent years have access to this knowledge.


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