Energy consumption analysis in Mechelen

2020 - 2021

Mechelen Klimaatneutraal

A few inhabitants (500 +-) in Mechelen actively measure their energy consumption and collect this data in the digital platform EnergieID. EnergieID is one of our partners and helps you measure and monitor energy, water, waste and transport, individually and collectively. Mechelen residents who want more insights into their energy consumption can join two groups within EnergieID, #2800MeetSlim or #2800MeetSamen. The group #2800MeetSlim are residents of Mechelen who mainly measure automatically. Energy data is measured daily through an automatic meter such as a June, Flukso, Smapee, etc. and transmitted to EnergieID. The #2800MeetSamen group are residents of Mechelen who manually record their electricity, gas and/or water meter readings on EnergieID approximately monthly.

CORE's task in this project consists of analyzing the data of both groups. First of all, the data had to be cleaned up, which meant analyzing the users' data in EnergieID for correctness (realistic consumption values) and providing feedback to the users if necessary. Next, consumption analyses were made using the data with the software Tableau. A connection between EnergieID and Tableau was realized through an API so that data can be continuously updated. Based on the graphs in Tableau, a report was created for both #MeetSamen2800 and #2800MeetSlim. Hereby insights into the influence of the number of inhabitants, housing type, year of construction and surface area on consumption within each group were given. The evolution of energy consumption over the last 5 years was also mapped out. For the group #2800MeetSlim an individual report was written for each of the approximately 50 members with their gas, electricity and water consumption over the years as well as their PV production and CO2 emissions.


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