Energymonitoring Esdoornplein

2020 - 2021

Mechelen Klimaatneutraal

Esdoornplein in Mechelen is a street just outside the center of Mechelen with about fifty single-family homes. In this street, one third of the families participated in a collective renovation. 

In this street, CORE is doing a monitoring of gas, electricity consumption and indoor quality at several households in Esdoornplein on behalf of Mechelen Klimaatneutraal. Fluksos are used to measure energy consumption and a Netatmo Homecoach for indoor quality. 

The purpose of this monitoring campaign is to start determining the impact of energy saving measures on consumption and indoor quality. To this end, CORE will create a model which will show the difference in energy consumption for the energy-saving measures used. On the basis of the energy savings, a financial analysis will then also be made for the energy-saving measures used. 


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