Fleet Scan

2014 - 2015
Voka Vlaams-Brabant, provincie Vlaams-Brabant, TCOPlus, KU Leuven – Campus Groep T

Fleet Scan is a project of VOKA Flemish Brabant in collaboration with CORE, TCOplus and KU Leuven - Campus Group T in which the fleet of companies is examined.

By drawing up a user profile for each employee, one gains insight into the function of each car in the fleet. As a result, targeted vehicles can be replaced by vehicles running on alternative fuels.

The user profile was created by CORE on the basis of surveys conducted by TCOplus. In 2014, CORE analyzed the results obtained from AB Inbev and drew up a decision tree based on these results. This decision tree is a guide to quickly and efficiently determine which user can drive which vehicle. It is investigated which persons are eligible for an electric vehicle. If someone does not qualify, hybrid cars or vehicles running on green gas, CNG or LNG are examined.

In a second phase, 19 other companies completed the surveys. The results were then tested against the decision tree. This resulted in different user profiles, which the companies could then use to set up their own fleet more efficiently.

With the help of fleet scan companies get a better picture of the possibilities of greening their fleet


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