2014 - 2016
Energy Studies

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

Vision on mobility

MobiOne was a project on sustainable urban mobility. Within this project a new form of mobility in and around cities was sought. Cities are becoming increasingly chaotic and the current approach to mobility is no longer sufficient. The flow in a city should be as pleasant as possible, in reality moving around in the city is often a frustrating activity. CORE researched the possibilities for a new type of urban vehicle, the MobiOne. A vehicle that combines the comfort of a car with the environmental friendliness of a bicycle.

The vehicle fits nicely within the climate objectives of cities and is a sustainable and safe alternative to a car, which will increasingly be banned from cities in the (near) future. The project was supported by the Province of Flemish Brabant, which believes in the possibilities of MobiOne to be a pioneer for more sustainable mobility in Flemish cities.


The concept of MobiOne is a compact, lightweight vehicle where two people sit next to each other like in a recumbent. The hybrid propulsion system combines the pedaling power of the occupants with an electric drive system, which makes it possible to drive up to 45 km/h. In this way, the user is encouraged to move, but can move comfortably without direct emissions.

MobiOne was given an open structure with many windows and the possibility to drive completely without an enclosure, but protected the occupants, if necessary, against rain and wind using a canvas.

By using technologies such as smartphones but also sensors and GPS, convoy driving, for example, could be introduced. This would create a virtual chain of MobiOnes that would be controlled according to speed and location. This would not only limit traffic jams but also guarantee the safety of drivers and other road users.

The results and conclusions of the study were compiled at the end of the project in a final report that was delivered to the province of Flemish Brabant

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