Energy monitoring

2018 - 2019

Green Office for KU Leuven, Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

The Green Office for KU Leuven is the youngest initiative of the KU Leuven Sustainability Department. Students and staff work together on campaigns, events, projects and activities related to sustainability. In this way, students succeed in implementing their ideas within the university and inspire others on a larger scale.

For the project Energy Monitoring in Student Homes, CORE and the Green Office collaborated with the support of the Province of Flemish Brabant. Together, CORE and Green Office aim to raise awareness among students in student housing about the use of water, gas and electricity.

At the start of the project, student homes and residences were sought, both on the private market and at KU Leuven. At the same time, several campaigns were set up. These campaigns range from a puzzle poster where every week a new theme completes the poster to a poster on which the student can indicate his/her shower time.

CORE will use the consumption data to analyze the campaigns. This analysis will be supported by interviews and surveys of the participating students carried out by a thesis student in psychology.

The project was completed in December 2019. CORE drew up a report describing the effect and impact of the campaigns on the student. The goal was not to carry out accurate measurements and analyses, but to get indications of how campaigning has a positive impact on students.


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