ENERGY-bikes 2022

Energy, power, electricity... These are complex concepts, but increasingly important to understand in a society that strives for more sustainable energy and efficiency. They say that the best energy is the energy you don't use. That's why the existing Energy Bikes and SMERGY Bikes have been converted into an interactive energy bike with a lamp board! The more lamps you turn on, the harder it becomes to cycle. You quickly become out of breath and experience what it's like to play the role of a power plant. The lamp board indicates how much power you generate and which everyday electrical appliance it corresponds to.  

Energy bikes at Expedition Gilles & Govaerts

Through MNM and KU Leuven, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Energy Bikes for the program Expedition Gillis & Govaerts, hosted by Laura Govaerts and Sander Gillis. Their mission was to survive in the forest and organize a tree planting campaign to plant 5000 trees! Additionally, they aimed to generate their own green energy for their radio studio, and for that, they relied on CORE and our Energy Bikes. Listeners and sports enthusiasts could come and cycle to keep the radio on the airwaves. Thanks to our COREnauts, the listeners could experience firsthand the amount of energy required to generate electricity!


ENERGY-bikes 2021

Solar panels and the digital meter

Flemish Thesis Award 2020

EOS Thesis Award 2019


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