Circular Economy
Koffiebar Noir

Remidi was the first project within CORE that arose entirely from daily operations. In Belgium, there were already a number of organizations that installed large digesters to extract biogas from manure. However, the Remidi project focused more on waste processing than biogas generation. CORE researched a small-scale solution for places where there is a relatively large amount of VGF (vegetable, fruit and garden waste) available. The aim was to design a small-scale digester that companies, industrial kitchens or residential areas could use to process the waste locally.

In a first phase CORE wrote a business plan and investigated the crucial problem of digestate processing. The next step was to design and build a prototype. This test setup then went to a farm, where the operation could be researched and optimized.

Biosk is a project that revolves around raising awareness about the possibilities of fermentation. Together with Intrastructures, CORE started up a 'design' digester at coffee bar Noir on the Naamsestraat. The goal was to use several events to inform people about the advantages and possibilities of a small-scale digester.


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