Blue Champi

Circular Economy
Koffiebar Noir

CORE worked together with coffee bar Noir on the 'Blue Champi' project in 2014. We researched the possibilities of growing oyster mushrooms on a breeding ground of coffee waste. That waste stream thus becomes food for the fungi, creating an edible by-product in an energy-efficient way.

The use of coffee waste reduces the energy consumption of the cultivation process. The waste is sterilized during the coffee process so relatively little energy is needed to transform it into a perfect breeding ground. Moreover, the caffeine present is extra nutrition for the fungi.

In the Blue Champi project not only fungi were cultivated. A research was executed of the parameters that influence the growth process. For example, we examined the influence of temperature and substrate composition. One of the interesting results of the project is that the fungi can still grow even in unhygienic conditions. This gives the possibility to grow the fungi also in uncontrolled spaces (such as a basement).


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