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  • Industrieel ingenieur Elektromechanica

  • Circulaire economie

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“I think CORE is a really good start for a freshly graduated engineer who isn’t sure which is the next best step to take. It gives a good example of how work-life is about and helps get integrated with a young team with similar interests. In case you are looking for a career in the energy sector, I think CORE would be a very good option to start with. .”


What I like most about CORE is that we are mostly doing things for the goodwill of the environment around us. I think applying the skills you learn at the university for benefiting the environment and people around you would be the greatest pleasure of all. Another thing that I learned is that developing contacts areas with similar interests is very essential for the future. Especially at a young age, you could always benefit from that in one way or another in the future. It has been clear to me since 2019 that I wanted to make the switch to pursue a career in energy and mainly sustainability studies, and that made it a no-brainer for me to apply for CORE and be part of that enthusiastic team of young engineers.