MIL: STEM-experience

At CORE the Most-Intuitive Learning team is preparing the generation of tomorrow for STEM by failing and braking stuff. 

Students have difficulties learning boring lectures without the proper support. And even if the subject matter was studied correctly, after the exams the student has forgotten half of it. 

The same trend is also true for the teachers themselves. The more and more demanding end terms have the teachers at their wits end, they are not very familiar with programming and higher physics. For example, how is a wind turbine connect to the power grid and how is solar power working?

We at MIL have an answer for these problems, DO IT! BREAK IT! LEARN FROM IT!

Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13 3000 Leuven
T 016 32 03 09
BE 0845 955 806

MIL: STEM-experience
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