CORE stands for Cooperative Organisation for Rational Energy use. CORE is a student cooperative which wants to develop a sustainable way of living. The team is supported by leading companies who take the cooperative to the next level. CORE is based in the city of Leuven, Belgium

In order to reach our goals we build upon three pillars. Cooperative & social enterprising, technical projects and social transition. Cooperative enterprising is the way to deal with sustainability issues, technical innovation is indispensible when making things more efficiënt and social transition is key if you want to make a big impact.

CORE is active in four domains: Energy, Housing, Mobility and Sensitization. Each of our projects is framed within these domains with the goal of a more efficient and sustainable future.

The team consists of engineering students (master’s programme) and recent graduates.

Any questions? Send us a mail at info@thinkcore.be