About CORE

CORE stands for Cooperative Organization for Rational Energy use. CORE is a student cooperative that  wants to develop a sustainable way of living. The team is supported by leading companies that take the cooperative to the next level. CORE is based in the city of Leuven, Belgium.

To achieve  our goals we build upon three pillars. Cooperative & social enterprising, technical projects and social transition. Cooperative enterprising is the way to deal with sustainability issues, technical innovation is indispensable to make  things more efficient and social transition is crucial  to have a mayor  impact.

CORE is active in three areas: circular economy, blue heat and sensitization & energy studies.

Each of our projects is framed within these domains and aims at  a more efficient and sustainable future.

The team consists of engineering students (master’s programme) and recent graduates.

Any questions? Send us an email at info@thinkcore.be

Circular economy

Within the area of circular economy, CORE carries out projects to prolong the life cycle of materials and products  in order to reduce waste.

Sensitization & Energy Studies

Through sensitization & energy studies, CORE increases awareness among students and their environment of  the importance of rational energy consumption and the practical application of cooperative entrepreneurship.

Blue heat

For the blue heat projects, CORE uses innovative techniques to extract heat from water. This ranges from riothermics to heat capturing from surface water.