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CORE cv staat voor Cooperative Entrepreneurship in Rational Energy Use(it's a Dutch acronym...). As a cooperative, CORE stands for close cooperation between employees and associates so that continuous knowledge development and exchange is created. CORE's associates are leading organizations, passionate individuals and passionate students. We work together with our associates on socially relevant research projects. In this way we offer them the opportunity to make an active contribution to a sustainable society.

CORE is a cooperative that works according to the 7 ICA principles:

1. Voluntary and open membership
2. Democratic control by the members
3. Economic participation by the members
4. Autonomy and independence
5. Education, training and provision of information
6. Cooperation between cooperatives
7. Attention to the community

Dit jaar zullen 9 enthousiaste studenten het dagelijkse bestuur op zich nemen.

There are three types of partners: A, B and C. Read more about our statutes