EV fleet impact study

From 2026, new company vehicles powered by fossil fuels will no longer be 100% tax-deductible. Moreover, there are many financial incentives which boost the switch to electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations. As a result of these measures, a strong increase in the number of electric company cars and charging stations is inevitable in the upcoming years. Moreover, the Flemish Climate Plan dictates that by 2029 the sale of new passenger cars or vans with combustion engines will be phased out in the upcoming years. This transition to e-mobility brings however new challenges and uncertainties. In order to help companies with this transition, CORE is offering a study that will provide tailor-made insights into the energy consumption, investment costs and operating costs of an EV fleet. This study also looks at the possibility of installing a solar panel systemstatic battery and the use of smart charging. CORE helps your company with a simplified, sustainable transition to an EV-fleet and gives you more insight in the investment you're about to commit to.

With the help of a comprehensive analysis, CORE offers insights in:

  • Current energy use & energy cost without EV fleet
  • Energy use & energy cost with EV fleet
  • Energy use & energy cost with EV fleet and PV installation (+battery) 
    • With smart charging implemented (recreation)

Based on this data, certain energy questions can be answered:

  • How much does it cost to power a specific EV fleet?
  • How much PV panels are required? What is the ROI of the PV installation?
  • Is there a battery required? What is the ROI of the Battery?
  • Is it technically and economically feasible to have a self-sustainable company with an EV fleet?

CORE delivers a simulation of your yearly energy usage with all of the above elements. SO you can be maximally autonomous with a minimal cost. This way, your company is financially always one step ahead!

Is your company considering a more sustainable policy or switching to an EV fleet? Contact us for more information or quotation, free of obligation!

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