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Today, it is impossible to imagine society without the climate problem. Children are still insufficiently aware of the contribution they can make to stop the climate problem. The escape room makes the children familiar with complex climate terms. The children learn the causes and consequences of climate change in an interactive and playful way. Scientific tests, riddles and simple calculations provide the children with knowledge. Through the escape room the children come into contact with some solutions to save the climate. They get various tips & tricks on how they can contribute to this. They are made aware that the impact they can create is essential to reduce the negative effects of climate change on people and society.

The escape room is built on the basis of a common thread, namely problems, consequences and solutions to climate problems. Throughout the escape room the children have to read information sheets and answer questions to get to the solutions. This makes them think and reflect on the information they came in contact with throughout the session. The escape room consists of an introduction movie, three boxes and a safe.

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Introduction movie

An introductory video made on children's size so they can empathize with the situation. There is a strong focus on transferring the problems that exist concerning the climate to children. The intro movie is about the seriousness of the problems. Both causes and consequences are briefly mentioned. At the end of the movie there is a call to action to the children. By solving the escaperoom and opening the safe, they find a possible solution to combat climate change.

Box 1

The first box revolves around the causes of the climate problem. On the basis of three tests, they learn that climate changes are caused by, among other things, CO2 emissions. The children are also made familiar with terms related to the climate by means of a crossword puzzle and vocabulary snake.

Box 2

The second box deals with the consequences of the climate problem. In this box the children learn to work with pH strips in order to find the most acidic solution. This test to show that acid rain is a consequence of the polluting gases. The continuation of this test makes the children aware of the consequences of acid rain by means of a soil pollution test. A second assignment within this box is a crossword puzzle, linked to educational questions in books. By means of this crossword puzzle, the children learn different consequences.

Box 2

The third box contains possible solutions to combat the climate problem. An electrical circuit must be connected in such a way that a solar panel can be used to reveal a secret message. An assignment with a map, linked to a small calculation makes it clear to them that switching to electric cars is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions. A test in which they make a battery from an onion shows the children that they can get energy from different sources. The last test in this box is a gearbox. In this test, the children are made aware of the means of transport they should take in order to do as little damage to the climate as possible.


At the end of the game they can finally open a safe in which they can find paper bracelets with wild flower seeds. The children learn that greening is a possible solution for the climate problem. They are made aware that they can do their own bit to reduce polluting gases by planting seeds.

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    Target: Children 10-12 year (5de en 6de leerjaar)
    Amount of persons: 6-24

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