Technovation Hub
We are co-founder and member of Technovation Hub vzw
Technovation Hub is a non-profit organization that brings together innovative and high-tech student projects, such as CORE cvba-so, and supports it through tailor-made services. The support that Technovation Hub provides is mainly on a financial, legal, administrative, safety and health level. This service is often achieved through collaboration with business and education partners. In addition, Technovation Hub forms a forum for student projects, higher education and the professional field. Thanks to the project-transcending nature and the sustainable collaborations with partners, a large network of industrial partners and like-minded people is created. The greatest asset of Technovation Hub is therefore doing business together. Thanks to this combination of tailor-made services and a strong network, an environment is created in which engineering students can really do business. The establishment and operation of Technovation Hub has been made possible thanks to support from KU Leuven. You can find more information about Technovation Hub here.

Dugardyn & Partners

Legal support from Dugardyn & Partners.

Seats at the board of directors of CORE cvba-so.

You can find more information about Dugardyn & Partners here.

Leuven 2030
Leuven 2030 is committed to a city with fewer emissions and more future. A future in which we can enjoy healthy air, lots of greenery, comfortable homes and attractive public spaces. A future without negative impact on our climate.

In order to reduce CO₂ emissions in Leuven as quickly as possible, Leuven wants to inspire the whole of Leuven by 2030 to adopt sustainable behavior. Many residents, companies, schools, organizations and governments are seizing their opportunity, taking their responsibility and helping to build our climate-neutral future. You can find more information about Leuven 2030 here.

As a network for cooperatives in Flanders, Coopkracht supports, strengthens and drives cooperative entrepreneurship. We do this by bringing cooperatively inspired organizations into contact with each other and by sharing all knowledge and experience. You can find more information about Coopkracht here.

REScoop Vlaanderen
REScoop Vlaanderen is the Flemish federation of associations and cooperatives of citizens for renewable energy.

A REScoop (Renewable Energy Sources cooperative) is a citizens' initiative that wants to harvest the environmental energy (solar, wind, water, biomass, geothermal energy) for its own use, based on the direct participation model and international cooperative principles. More information about REScoop Flanders can be found here.


EnergieID is a cooperative company that uses an online platform to help measure and monitor energy, water, waste and transport, individually and collectively.

More information about EnergieID can be found here.


CommScope helps companies around the world design, build and manage their wired and wireless networks. Their network infrastructure solutions help customers increase bandwidth; maximize existing capacity; improve network performance and availability; increase energy efficiency; and facilitation of technology migration.

CommScope's solutions can be found in the largest buildings, locations and outdoor spaces; data centers and buildings of all types, sizes and complexity; in wireless collocations; in cable ducts and telecom exchanges; in airports, trains and tunnels. Vital networks around the world run on CommScope solutions.

CommScope played an important role in creating:

  • Cable TV infrastructures
  • The first wireless networks
  • The first datacenters
  • The first intelligent buildings

For more information about Commscope click here.


Edison laat élke jongere tussen 4 en 18 jaar STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts en Mathematics) ontdekken en omarmen. Dankzij een brede, kwaliteitsvolle waaier aan activiteiten zoals innovatieve workshops, leerrijke kampen, boeiende festiviteiten en evenementen voor het hele gezin wil Edison jongeren klaarstomen voor de toekomst én om zich te verdiepen in STE(A)M. Deze activiteiten komen tot stand door de verbindende samenwerking tussen verschillende STE(A)M-voortrekkers binnen Edison. Edison is op haar beurt één van de 13 STE(A)M-partnerschappen van VLAIO. Edison kiest hierbij voor een aanpak die élk meisje en élke jongen warm maakt voor STE(A)M. Een aanpak die hen bewuster laat kennismaken met hun talenten en aanzet tot levenslang leren. Edison wil deelnemers bij elke activiteit uitdagen en hen versterken in STE(A)M-competenties en 21ste-eeuwse vaardigheden. Bij Edison staat de jeugd centraal. Edison is de gids die hen bewuster laat omgaan met hun huidige kennis en hun latere studierichting en beroepskeuze. Meer info over Edison vind je here.